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To Foreign visitors  -Coach hire service-

Arakura Kankosha will make all your tour arrangements, from accommodations to meals (lunch), to ensure you have a really memorable time. We will plan your trip so that afterwards you can go home thinking“we are so pleased that we came to Japan” and “it was really great.”

Arakura Kanko Bus Company arranges tours to wherever you wish to go, with the purpose, number of participants and any other requirements of your visit in mind.

*We can also arrange an interpreter,if required.
Welcome to Japan
Customer Comment
Customer Comment
“Yamanashi is fantastic!”

My family has been sightseeing in Japan a number of times, but we all thought that this trip to Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi was absolutely fantastic.
Mt. Fuji was far more magnificent than we expected and when I saw the look of satisfaction on my parents' faces as they gazed up at it, I was really pleased that we had gone there. Our guide was very kind and took us to lots of lovely tourist spots and nice restaurants. She was always smiling as she showed us around all the places and told us about them. I would also like to thank Arakura Kankosha for emailing me some recommended sightseeing routes.

I participated in your Yamanashi is Fantastic! Tour.

I look forward to travelling with you again.


Tou Ikin - Taipei, Taiwan, 1 Nov. 2007
Example of Tour
Airport Mt. Fuji area Fuji-Q Highland Lake Kawaguchi Shopping in Tokyo Airport
Haneda Airport
Narita Airport
Mt. Fuji area   Fuji-Q Highland   Lake Kawaguchi (overnight stay) Fuji Five Lakes area   Shopping in Tokyo (electrical appliances, clothes, makeup, etc.) Haneda Airport
Narita Airport

*We will plan a route that includes the places you want to visit, centered around Mt. Fuji.
*Contact us for details of prices and tours.

Coaches for hire
33-seat midi coach 33-seat midi coach
(29 passenger seats + 4 fold-down seats)
Convertible tabled area
33-seat midi coach
28-seat microbus 28-seat microbus
(25 passenger seats + 3 fold-down seats)
28-seat microbus
18-seat microbus 18-seat microbus
(11 passenger seats + 7 fold-down seats)
With wheelchair lift
18-seat microbus
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